The 3rd generation of the Tusken Slayer. This time round Wattos Junkyard and SP Sabers have teamed up to produce the best quality, and most innovative version of the Tusken Slayers to date.

 This item has finished machining, all that is left is chrome plating and packaging and they will ship, i expectd them to be in hand before the end of april and ship early August

Introducing "Tusken Slayer Elite"

Whats New

  • Brass construction (gen 2 is allumium)
  • Splits above and bellow the clamp, to allow for crystal chamber reveals
  • 2 internal set screws to lock in allignemnt
  • WEIGHT, the gen 3 weighed in at approximately 350g, the elite it over 850g!
  • Lowest Price the Tusken Slayer has ever been


Whats Included

  • Elite Series retail packaging
  • 1 hilt kit
  • 1 tool back
  • 1 vented pommel
  • 2 plaque 
  • 1 COA


Specific Parts

  • emmiter, ring
  • mpp style box and greeblies
  • upper and lower body
  • clamp and control box
  • 6 acrylic faux leds (2 of which are switches)
  • red and gren led bezels
  • 1 vented and 1 non vented pommel
  • 6 grip (these are rubber and come preinstalled)


Collectors Edition Exclusives (limited to 50 UNITS)

  • SP Sabers Mirrored stand (MR style)
  • Plaque mount
  • Artwork insert (by SXVN Art)
  • Collectors Edition COA
  • Numbered Plaque
  • Collector Edition double box set with Sleeve
  • you may receive additional items not listed here.

This item is currently already in production and is a preorder item. Please read our preorder policy If you are not familiar with it. See at the bottom of the page.

 Note - Collaboration Runs are not elidgable for SP Sabers VIP Access unless otherwise stated

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