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SP Sabers, Props and Collectables

The Low Ground

The Low Ground

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The Low Ground is the SP Sabers Hilt inspired on the AS Ep 3 saber. This is our take on the dubbed "skinnyflex" hilt.

Key Features:
- Build from 304 Stainless steel for a durable "chrome like" mirror finish
- ABS injection molded grips and covertec wheel 
- SP Sabers hand Painted Eye and rear Button
- Functional Gold Lever (toggle switch)
- Brass Clamp Card
- Hidden retention screw under copper button

What's Included:

  • 1 x hilt kit (assembled with grips attached)
  • 1 x vented pommel.
  • 1 x toolkit
  • 1 x Diamond collection Plate
  • 1 x display plaque and plaque stand
  • 1 x Low ground display combo *including mirrored stand and acrylic dust cover
  • 1 x Ultra Premium Diamond Collection Artwork box
  • 1x foam strip for the stand to protect the finish (optional by recommended to use)
  • 1x an assortment of extra screws

All items are packed and shipped within the artwork box.

A FREE CHASSIS will be available for download on the store soon as well as a metal master chassis designed by White Cloud Sabers.
We are also going to offer Printed chassis options for eco and metal master chassis.

Hilt Dimensions (approximate)
Length - 284mm
Width - 38mm body 44mm grips
Weight - 760g

Assembly, The Hilt will come assembled, except for the clamp card and the brass pins. During transit screws may be loosed from vibration, please tighten you hilt when you open it for the first time.  

Please note that out of the box the copper eye and the copper button are aesthetic and are not functional switches.

These extra units do not open above the clamp 

What are the advantages of stainless steel over Chrome Plating?
Stainless steel is far more durable than chrome plating which is known to be fragile and prone to irreparable scratching. Stainless steel is not only more durable, but it is also able to be polished should scratching occur. Highly Polished Stainless steel has a very chrome like mirror finished. We chose to use stainless steel because of these advantages.

While Polished stainless steel is chrome like, under hard direct lighting, directional lines or grain from polishing may be visible. These will show up under Bright LED lighting Please ensure this is something you comfortable with before purchasing.

How to care for you hilt?
Using a metal polish such as "mothers mag polish" or Purple metal polish" apply a small amount to a microfiber cloth and buff you steel parts of the hilt to a bright shine, you can also polish this hilt on a buffing wheel. DO NOT polish the gold level, this is a brasses peice and you will rub through the plastic very quickly.

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