Whats New

  • 3 Neck Variants (MR Style, Hero Style and Stunt Style).
  • Revised Emitter Ring (Slight Angle change from v1).
  • Brass construction on the control box and clamp (better to chrome plate then aluminium.

Whats Included

  • High End Collectors Box.
  • 1 Hilt kit assembled.
  • 1 Tool bag with the Allen keys you'll need to assembly and disassemble.


Specific Parts

  • 1x Emitter & Emitter Ring (Polished Aluminium)
  • 1x Hero neck set (Dark brown and Pitted Gold), 1x mr style neck set (Gold chrome and Gloss Metallic Copper), 1x stunt neck set (matte Gold and Matte copper)
  • 1x Grenade (Satin black)
  • 1x Clamp and control box (Chrome Plated Brass)
  • 1x Booster (Matte Black
  • 1x Pommel & Pommel Cap
  • 1x Pommel cap spacer (For sound venting)
  • 1 x Tool kit
  • 1x Elite Edition Collectors box


NOTE : This product contains thin threading and it not recommended for contact dueling.

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