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Collaboration between SP Sabers and Phoenix Props

Your favourite Saber back for its final rendition. Lovingly designed and produced by SP Sabers with support Phoenix Props.

This Saber is everything you loved from the PPv2 and the Phoenix Props "The Light" brought together in a super accurate, super durable, high quality crossguard saber.

 This Listing if for a RAW version


  • CNC allumium and stainless steel construction.
  • Accurate red and blue wires.
  • Super detailed metal upper and lower engines
  • A solid core for strength and duel worthiness.
  • Unique 6 bolt construction ensures sturdiness and 0 chance of rattling or flex in the body.
  • 304 stainless steel 2 piece side blades (manually clockable to hide the retention screws)
  • Over 35mm main blade socket depth.
  • Machined wire channel for easy and intelligent installation. 
  • Compatibility with any chassis that suited the "PP The Light" with only minor modifications needed.
  • Compatible with JJ Industries Belt clip out of the box.


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