A stunt hilt inspired by the prop weilded by Hayden Christiansen in EpIII. This hilt is primarily designed as a stunt and takes a 10mm carbon fibre blade. This hilt can be installed with a 7/8 blade with an additional vlade holder, however it doesnt not include any switch compatabilty out of the body, but you could always add one.


  • 1 Hilt Kits, machined from 6061 aircraft grade alluminum.
  • 10mm blade holder installed (threaded to the emmiter )
  • Anodised black allumium low profile grips.
  • vented and non vented pommel

Whats Included

  • Retail Box.
  • 1 Hilt assembled
  • 1 Tool bag with the Allen keys you'll need to assembly and disassemble.


Specific Parts

  • 1 hilt body 
  • 1 Emitter body
  • 1 set of bunny ears
  • 6 Grips
  • 2 Pommels
  • 1 10mm removable blade holder
  • 2 allen keys
  • 1 m2 wafer head screw (to attach bunny ears)
  • 1 m3 grub screw (blade retention)
  • foam lines art box (SP Sabers Premium Collection)

Please note you will have to install the Grips and the bunny ears yourself.


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You may find the carbon fibre blades here (carbon fibre blades ship seperately to hilt kits due to extended length and incure their own shipping charge, We are working to have a USA distributor for our Carbon Fibre blades.



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