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As seen in Episode III, Hayden Christensen's stunt saber. A slimmed down version of the ROTS Hero prop.

The Spinflex is streamline with low profile grips and a choked neck for maximum maneuverability. This replica can take a 7/8 Blade and is installable with a single tiny switch, but also includes an adapter so you can mount a 10mm Carbon Fiber or metal rod as they did for filming the movies. the rod is supported at 3 places between the pommel and the emitter.

The Spinflex is finished in a polished 6061 aluminum, and include 6 low profile anodised grips, for maximum durability, this saber is meant for dueling.  A Vented Pommel is included.

Please select either the stunt blade holder or the 7/8 holder.

In the Box

  • 1x Spinflex saber
  • 1x adapter for 10mm blade or 1 x 7/8 blade holder 
  • 1 vented pommel
  • 1 non vented pommel
  • 6x anodised alu grips

***stunt blade is not included due to the shipping cost but i will have them in the store if anyone wants to buy one later on.




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