The 2 sabers weilded by your favourite padawan from The clone wars.


  • 2 Saber Hilts
  • Brushed allumium body
  • Anodised black core
  • Brass and allumun blade plug
  • Brass pins.
  • Both sabers take 1" blades
  • Both sabers are single switch out of the box using the copper button
  • Chassis Retension screw under the covertec wheel.

Whats Included

  • High End retail Box.
  • Plaque.
  • 1 Hilt kit assembled. (2 hilts)
  • 1 Tool bag with the Allen keys you'll need to assembly and disassemble.


Specific Parts

  • 1 hilt body (shroud, core, ears, pins, pommel and control box preassembed)
  • 2 Copper anodised magnetic switches
  • 4 magnets to attach to tactile switches and buttons
  • 2 vented pommels
  • 1 x Tool kit
  • 1x Plaque
  • 1x Elite Edition Collectors box


Collectors Edition Exclusives

  • LTD Edition Snips MR Style mirrored stand
  • Plaque mount
  • Artwork insert (by SXVN Art)
  • Numbered Plaque
  • Collector Edition double box set with Sleeve

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