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SP Sabers, Props and Collectables

The Shroud of the Darkside

The Shroud of the Darkside

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The Emperors Weapon

- Zinc cast body (Chrome plated and paint finished)
- Brass Pommel plated in decorative gold (FX and Static)
- Brass Collar plated in decorative gold
-Weathered Brass Emitter, (sealed)
- 2 Acrylic Faux LEDs (Functional buttons)
- 2 LED Bezel (brushed aluminum)

Hilt Dimensions (approx)
Length - 190mm
Width -  40mm
Weight - 550g

Standard Edition
-1 x Hilt Kit
-1 x vented pommel.
-1x fx emitter assembly
-1 x plaque

Collectors Edition (everything from Standard Edition +)
- Premium Foiled SP Sabers Collectors Box
- Mirrored Premium Display Stand

Signature Edition (everything from Standard Edition and Collector's Edition +)
- 1 x Signed Plaque, containing and authentic Ian Mcdiarmid Signature

This hilt is installable with electronics, and you can find a chassis here:
Shroud of the Darkside Chassis - STL Download – SP Sabers, Props and Collectables

Display Combo pack can be found here (includes stand and Dust Cover)
Shroud of the Darkside Display Combo – SP Sabers, Props and Collectables

Shroud of the Darkside Display Combo


This hilt contains painted components, due to the nature of the finishing process it is impossible to guarantee that there will be no dust specs in the clear coat finish, but during the QC process, we have endeavored to filter out any with major specs like this. Some small specs may be visible is bright light. There may also be some minor difference in the color gradient from hilt to hilt.

-Gold parts on the Hilt have been sealed with clear coat to prevent tarnishing.
-Raw Brass Emitters have been chemically treated and clear coated with a yellow tinted clear coat.
-Chrome Surface of the hilt has been clear coated to prevent micro scratching of the soft plating.

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