The Blind Master himself, Based on the Master from the animated series, Kanan. This Sabers hilt is onstructed using steel, alluminium, acrylic and brass.

- Hilt will come Complete, with all finishing completed (no painting yourslef) with green and black anodised body parts, and lightly polished raw metal.
-Streamline design, 308.5mm long, and the grip section a slender 34mm.
- Designed for easy to access removable battery

-Pixels mounted in the chassis to illuminate the arrows,
- The hilt splits apart bellow the emmiter as it does in the TV Show (a pair of extra display covers can be purchased to cover these holes)
-1" blade holder

-SP Sabers Prestigue Collection Box



This Saber is Estimated to be ready to ship in March 2022 but i full expect it to be ready to go well before that!!!


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