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SP Sabers, Props and Collectables



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The Blind Master himself, Based on the Master from the animated series, Kanan. This Sabers hilt is constructed using,alluminium, acrylic and brass.

-These Hilt kits have minor Blemishes and marks, but no major defects

-The shroud comes unpainted

-Streamline design, 308.5mm long, and the grip section a slender 34mm.
- Designed for easy to access removable battery

-Pixels mounted in the chassis to illuminate the arrows,
- The hilt splits apart bellow the emmiter as it does in the TV Show 
-1" blade holder

This listing is for a designated B-Grade Product. It Maybe Contain blemishes, scratch or minor dents, but will come with all parts. These products may not come with artwork packaging. In purchasing this product you accept these condition, and know that they are no eligible for a refund or exchange.



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