Production Timelines

Timelines and Estimates for upcoming manufacturing projects.

This page was updates on 29/08/22


The High Ground Elite (All paid units have shipped)

  • The High Ground Elite had now finished production.
  • Packaging is enroute to the factory.
  • The Necks and Wind veins are in transit to me now to be painted ahead of time.
  • Plaques completed

The High Ground Elite (batch 3) (Shipping out 1st week of septmeber now in hand)

Balance Pipe Loose 
(now shipping)

  • The Loose Balance Pipes are in Productions right now, they are a simple aprt so I expect them to be finished Quickly

The Exile Elite (Shipping out 1st week of septmeber now in hand)

  • Exile Elite is in the programming phase and will begin manufacturing shortly.

Crystal Chamber CNCv1Snips 
(Estimate to ship on July the 5th to me)

  • Machining on the CC CNCv1 is underway and planned to be finished on the 18th of May
  • Surface treatment after that.


Tusken Slayers Gen 3- ( Shipping in small batches 30 have been returned to sp and shipped out so far more coming)

  • Production is complete and the sabres 100% assembled
  • Packaging enroute to the factory now
  • Plaques completed

  • Mr Tyranus Elite (End of June)
  • Shroud of the Darkside (End of June)
  • The Low Ground
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