Hey SP Sabers Fans,

Shaun (SP) here!!

This is an announcement regarding the changes in how I'm going to be operating going. forward.

With the economy and changes to the saber market over the last 6 months, i have made the decision that working Soley as SP Sabers is not the correct business situation at the present. I have resumed work on a fulltime basis and begin regular works on the 20/11/23.


SP Sabers isn't going anywhere! Just reducing the workload.

  • There will be no changes to current orders, all projects are in productions and will be shipping as per any previous information.

  • Resuming work as a shift worker will mean that I will have a greatly reduced online presence.

  • I have made the decision to suspend any "New" projects (none of these projects had been taken past the ideas stage) these projects may or may not be reopened down the track.

  • I will still be conducting work as SP but with alternative business hours.
    Business Hours
    12pm-4pm Monday
    10am-4pm Friday
    Outside of these hours i will have a reduced presence on social media ect, but will reply through the week when i can.

  • Shipping days will change to Monday and Fridays (there may be addition unplanned shipping days where I have the time to facilitate it.

  • Display cases will have a weekly Limit of cases sold (5 Cases per week) due to time constraints; I will open a wait list for the stands.

  • There are a few other projects I've been working on in the background and these will be shown in time but will be more artisan focused products rather than mass production.

  • SP Sabers will have a reduced presence at in person conventions, with only a handful being considered in 2024, this is due to the need for me to take time away from my Fulltime job and the limitations of that ability.

  • I will still be working as part of Wild Space Workshop . 


As for the store itself, it's not going anywhere there is still a lot of SP Sabers Hilts in stock, and they will remain as per usual! As well as the Parts catalogues and other accessories.

If anyone has any questions at all, please shoot me a message on The Facebook Page Chat ( Facebook )

****The email address is which orders are sent from "NOREPLY@SPSABERS.COM" is not a contact point, that email address gets about 100 admin related notifications per day and it is not monitored or checked for customer emails. Please direct enquires to the facebook page chat