These are sabers we have done in the past that are now discontinued, this doesnt mean they will never come back but we like to create new sabers, but you never know,

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Snips - SP Sabers Prestige Collection

The 2 sabers weilded by your favourite padawan from The clone wars. Overview 2 Saber Hilts Brushed allumium body Anodised black core Brass and allumun blade plug Brass pins. Both...

(in stock but temp unavailable) The Darkness V3 - SP Sabers Prestige Collection

(in stock but temp unavailable)  urrently avaible at between SP Sabers and Phoenix Props Your favourite Saber back for its final rendition. Lovingly designed and produced by SP Sabers with...

Spinflex - Stunt Saber

A stunt hilt inspired by the prop weilded by Hayden Christiansen in EpIII. This hilt is primarily designed as a stunt and takes a 10mm carbon fibre blade. This hilt can be...

Empress Regnant - SP Sabers Prestige Collection

Based on Sith Reys saber in Episode IX.  This saber is seen in the force vision scene rey has in the death star.Made from High quality metals, Aluminum and Stainless...