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Lost Wolf - SP Sabers Prestige Collection

The Rebel Apprentice fro the animted series Ezra, thisis my version of his S3 Hilt. - Hilt will come Complete, with all finishing completed (no painting yourslef) with red and black...
$270.00 $135.00

Dume - Black Friday 50% off

The Blind Master himself, Based on the Master from the animated series, Kanan. This Sabers hilt is constructed using steel, alluminium, acrylic and brass. -These Hilt kits have minor Blemishes...
$270.00 $135.00

Crystal Chamber Mark 1 - Black Friday

A crystal Chamber for inside your saber.This chamber was designed to fit the High Groud but will fit in any saber size permiting. It will ship to you fully assembled, some...
$120.00 $99.99

The Darkness V3 - Black Friday

(in stock but temp unavailable)  urrently avaible at between SP Sabers and Phoenix Props Your favourite Saber back for its final rendition. Lovingly designed and produced by SP Sabers with...
$600.00 $400.00

High Ground / Elite - Crystal Chamber Chassis Base

Chassis for High Ground / Elite - Crystal Chamber Designed by White Cloud SabersDigital STL downlaod -Includes the chassis, the pcb holder and the pommel spacer-ProffieboardSTLs are for personal Use Only,...
$20.00 $10.00

Obi Stunt - Black Friday

A stunt hilt inspired by the prop weilded by Ewan Mcgregor in EpIII. This hilt is primarily designed as a stunt and takes a 10mm carbon fibre blade. This hilt...
$185.00 $99.00

Spare Parts- Black Friday

Based on the J Master Sifo This run was a collaboration between SP Sabers, Shadowfoil Props, Dagobah Swamp and 5280 Design. The hilt is big, and hefty, made from thick...
$300.00 $235.00

Hand of the Emperor - Black Friday

Black Friday Sale   Hand of the Emperor Hilt (only 5 left)  
$280.00 $175.00

Tusken Slayer Chassis (Elite Only) - Designed by White Cloud Sabers

Chassis for "Tusken Slayer"Designed by White Cloud SabersDigital STL downlaod -Proffieboard- 18650 BatterySTLs are for personal Use Only, you may print multiple chassis if you own multiple hilts.
$30.00 $15.00

Kyber Platform Saber Stand - Black Friday 50% off

50% OFF A beautiful and premium stand for you saber props! Made from Allumium and presented in a combination of finishes with a Chrome plated base, brushed anodised top plate,...
$80.00 $45.00

SP Sabers Challenge Coin

50mm Centre Piece coin for the SP Sabers Coin Collection-Lovely weathered Gold Colour
$12.00 $4.00